The most comprehensive range of 147 chromatographic kits!

Ready to use LC-MS/MS kits

Ready to use (U)HPLC kits

Ready to use GC kits

Lyophilised matrix calibrators

Lyophilised matrix controls

ISO-13485 and CE-marked

Acetaldehyde UV-HPLC
Acetone UV-HPLC
Butyl Acetate FID & MS-GC/MS
Butyl Alcohol FID-GC/MS
Carbon Tetrachloride MS-GC/MS
Cresol / Phenol FD-HPLC
Cyclohexanediol FID & MS-GC/MS
Diethylketone MS-GC/MS
Ethyl Acetate FID & MS-GC/MS
Fomaldehyde UV-HPLC
Formic Acid MS-GC/MS
Free Eritrocitary Propophyrin FD-HPLC
Hexanedione UV & FD-HPLC
Hippuric / Methylhippuric Acids UV-HPLC
Hydroxypyrene FD-HPLC
Isobutyl Acetate FID & MS-GC/MS
Isobutyl Alcohol FID-GC/MS
Methanol UV-HPLC
Methyl Acetate FID & MS-GC/MS
Methyl-Ethyl-Keton (MEK) UV-HPLC
Methylene Chloride MS-GC/MS
Methylisobuthylketone MS-GC/MS
Methyltrichloroacetate MS-GC/MS
Muconic Acid UV-HPLC
Phenylglyoxillic / Mandelic / Hippuric UV-HPLC
Phenylmercapturic Acid FD-HPLC
Propyl Acetone FID-GC/MS
Tetrachloroethylene MS-GC/MS
Trichloacetic Acid ECD & MS-GC/MS
Trichloroethane MS-GC/MS
Trichloroethanol MS-GC/MS
Trichloroethylene MS-GC/MS

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EUREKA LAB DIVISION S.R.L. offers the worlds largest range of diagnostic kits for
chromatographic analytical instruments.

Eureka kits offer great:
-Calibration curve

– Special Clinical Chemistry
– Clinical Pharmacology
– Occupational Toxicology
– Forensic Toxicology