Bio-Techne diagnostics is committed to providing quality control materials for partners that manage proficiency testing programs for a variety of laboratory sectors. With a wide range of products for areas such as hematology, flow cytometry, urinalysis, misc & fecal, chemistry, blood gas, linearity, point of care and coagulation, partner with Bio-Techne for your quality program.

Why this EQA?
To test your instrument with genuine human red blood cells.
To follow the evolution of your instrument performance.
To define mesurement uncertainty.
This way you increase your laboratory’s credibility towards the public and health and regulation authorities.

Product component:
A matrix allowing aggregation of erythocytes similar to in vivo conditions.
Blood with normal and / or pathological values.
Two annual surveys.
3 x 4.0ml tubes in each box with instruction sheet.

Other Proficiency Testing Materials EQA

💧 Amniotic Fluid Leakage (Nitrazine)
💧 Body Fluid/Automated (Beckman Coulter & Sysmex)
💧 Body Fluid/Automated (Siemens)
💧 Body Fluid/CSF Cell Count Sample for Hemacytometer
💧 Body Fluid/Hemocytometer with Differential
💧 Detection of Fetal Membrane Rupture Survey
💧 Erythroblast
💧 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
💧 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate by capillary
💧 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (Sedimat 15)
💧 Erythropoietin
💧 Fetal Hemoglobin
💧 Fetal RBC
💧 Hematology CBC 3-Part Differential/3D
💧 Hematology CBC 3-Part Differential/ST
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/4K
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/5D
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/BC5-5D
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/CT
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/P5D
💧 Hematology CBC 5-Part Differential/SYS
💧 Hematology CBC Universal Survey
💧 Platelet Rich Plasma
💧 Rapid Malaria
💧 RBC Folate
💧 Reticulocyte/RT
💧 Reticulocyte/RT35
💧 Sickle Cell
💧 Urine Bence Jones Protein

💧 Flow Cytometry (CD1a)
💧 Flow Cytometry (CD34+)
💧 Flow Cytometry (CD4 Low)
💧 Flow Cytometry (DNA Analysis)
💧 Flow Cytometry (Leukemia/Lymphoma)
💧 Flow Cytometry (PNH)
💧 Flow Cytometry (ZAP-70)
💧 LeukoReduced Plt
💧 LeukoReduced RBC

💧 Body Fluid/Hemocytometer
💧 Body Fluid (IRIS analyzer)
💧 Fecal Fat
💧 Fecal Lactoferrin
💧 Fecal Occult Blood
💧 Gastric Occult Blood
💧 Qualitative Urine hCG
💧 Rapid Urease
💧 Urinalysis & hCG
💧 Urine Bence Jones Protein

💧 Blood Gas/Electrolyte/Metabolite Specifications
💧 CO-Oximetry Specifications
💧 Hematocrit Specifications

💧 Aldolase
💧 Ammonia/Alcohol
💧 Cardiac Markers (Automated Platforms)
💧 Cardiac Markers BioSite Triage
💧 Cholestech (Waived) Chemistry
💧 D-dimer Quantitative and Qualitative
💧 Fructosamine
💧 General Chemistry
💧 Glycohemoglobin (For Immunochemical Methods)
💧 hCG, Serum
💧 Immunoassy Chemistry
💧 Immunoproteins
💧 Ketones, Serum
💧 Microalbumin
💧 Neonatal (Elevated) Bilirubin
💧 Soluble Transferrin Receptor
💧 Special Chemistry (CS)
💧 Tumor Marker
💧 Urine Chemistry
💧 Urine Myoglobin
💧 Viscosity
💧 Whole Blood D-dimer
💧 Whole Blood Ethanol/Volatile

💧 D-dimer Calibration Verification
💧 Hematology Linearity
💧 Lamellar Body Count Linearity
💧 Microalbumin
💧 PSA Calibration Verification
💧 Reticulocyte Linearity (Beckman Coulter & Siemens)
💧 Reticulocyte Linearity (Cell-Dyn & Sysmex)
💧 Serum Myoglobin Calibration Verification
💧 Tumor marker calibration verification/linearity
💧 Vitamin D Calibration Verification

💧 HemoCue Hgb and Glucose
💧 HemoCue Rapid Total White Blood Cell Count

💧 PT (iSTAT)


• 40 years experience in specialist EQC products.
• Used widely in the EQC industry.
• Batch customization available.
• High numbers of parameters available.
• Matrix and format flexibility.
• Controls with clinically significant levels and high specificity.
• Overlap with human samples. High commutability.
• Significant material shelf life.