Company Profile

INstruchemie is a well-established company based in the Netherlands, operating primarily in the clinical diagnostics market. We are specialized in the development, production, and marketing of a wide range of products. These products include: in vitro diagnostics, quality control materials, biochemicals, small laboratory equipment, and disposables. Our products can be found in medical, industrial, and environmental laboratories all around the world.
One of the ways we set ourselves apart from the norm is the extensive customer support we provide, along with our capability to develop custom-made products to attune to your specific requests. We can offer this as a result of the shared skills and knowledge of our staff, combined with over 35 years of experience in marketing, developing, and producing our clinical diagnostics.

Brief history

Founded in 1979, INstruchemie started as a distributor in the Netherlands for clinical diagnostics. In 1986 we began our research and production facilities by developing and producing routine in vitro diagnostics. Through years of research and dedication, we have transformed our routine diagnostics into a line of unique products sold in approximately 40 countries worldwide.

Our vision

INstruchemie is a company built on the idea of providing a solution to a problem, rather than just selling a product. From this we derive our vision:

We will handle our customers with the highest care and dedication, as they are of utmost importance to us.
We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality control to ensure patients receive the correct lab results.
We will continue to commit ourselves to supplying the international healthcare and industrial communities with a broad line of high quality and innovative products.

Research, Production and Quality Control

At INstruchemie we keep expanding our product line by developing new assay kits. The research we put into this doesn’t stop after the assay has been taken into production. We keep on researching to improve our products so that we can continue to guarantee the high quality which you have come to expect from us.

When a product has been taken into production, we take steps to make sure this process will be successful by taking extensive measures to regulate the procedure. After production, each batch is submitted to a rigorous quality control. In our case this means always testing every product on automatic analyzers as well as on manual spectrophotometers to be certain that if any flaw occurs, it will be detected and rectified.

Product range

INstruchemie offers an extensive range of assays and control materials for analyzers and (U)HPLC, which can be found in full in our product catalogues. For many of these products we already have detailed validation reports to aid in your own validation process. We can assist with a wide range of applications for many different analyzers as well.

If we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.